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The core of productive forces:

1. Panic Exit Device:       

   *Certificated by UL,CE,ANSI;

   *ODM devices certificated CE by Exova Warringtonfire(UK) test

2. ANSI mortise lock: 

  *Certificated by ANSI/BHMA A156.13 grade 1

  *Certificated by UL10C 3 hours fire rated

3. Euro profile mortise lock

  *Compliance to EN12209

  *Compliance to EN1634, 2 hours fire rated

4. Lever Handle: 

   *Certficate catogery3&4, Security grade 1 of EN1906 

   *ODM Category 4 and fire rate handles certificated by Exova Warringtonfire(UK)

   *ODM security plate certificated CE by Germany IFT


5. Window handle

   *200NM test pass according to EN 13126-3-2011

   * Push rod window handle, stainless steel

6. Pull handle: According to BS8424


7. Invisble hinge: Accroding to EN1935

8. Door coordinator: According to EN1158, BHMA ANSI A156.3

9. OEM high precision components 

   *American style handle, rose, plate

   *Plate for electronic lock

10. Electrified, delay egress panic exit device

11. Electrified motor and solenoid mortise lock

12. Electronic office lock

13. OEM hotel lock

14. Intelligent panic exit system

15. Integrated access control and VMS               


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