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Casting Factory 


Intelligent Security

Professional wax-lost casting factory


Machining, Stamping, Bending

 Welding, Polishing, Assembly

    Electrified product

    Intelligent product

    Security system

1. Established in 2001 
   1. Established in 2006
    1. Established in 2017
2. ISO9001 listed, 2005
    2. ISO9001, Aug 13th, 2008
    2. 2,600 square meters
3. 150 tons casting per month 
    3. 350 employee
    3. ESD clean workshop
4. 180 employee 
    4. 20,000 square meters

5. 20,000 square meters

Jiangmen Camax Hardware Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of door and window hardware, panic exit device, mortise lock, door handle and pull handle, etc.

Jiangmen Camax Intelligent Security Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2017, focus on electrified product, intelligent product and security system.

All our products follow up the international standard of EN/CE, DIN, UL, ANSI/BHMA, CCCF. In order to guarantee quality, from raw material purchasing to processing, from assembling to product performance inspection, we have constituted strict quality control systems. At the same time, in order to well inspect products, we have designed and introduced sufficient inspection equipment.

We commit to quality assurance:

Fire-rated exit hardware certificated by UL, ANSI/BHMA, CE and CCCF

Difference series of products apply to metal/timber door, narrow stile door, glass door and high air pressure resistant door

Fire rated mortise lock compliance to ANSI/BHMA, UL

Door handle certificated by EN1906, grade 3/4, fire rated

Door plate certificated by burglar-resistant grade 2/3/4 of EN1906

Window handle pass 200NM test according to EN 13126-3-2011

◇Fire rated auxiliary hardware, door selector, flush bolt, invisible hinge etc.

Electrified mortise lock

Electrified panic exit device

Electronic standalone panic exit device

Electronic office lock

Electronic hotel lock

Panic Exit Device control system

Access control and security system

Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to meet your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.


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